The Rosary in Families

A Hindu Brahmin, a friend of Our Lady of  Bandel, recently came to the Shrine to pray, with the intention of purchasing the best rosary-beads at the souvenir Center. Meeting one of the fathers at the Basilica, he said that five times before he had purchased Rosaries made of beautifully cut crystal pieces, as they are manufactured at Loreto in Italy. He intended to donate the Rosary to a niece who would soon get married at Calcutta. He went on explaining the efficacy of Mary’s protection had been proved in five families to whom he had offered the gift of Rosary at their marriage. He emphatically explained that all of them were visibly blessed with happiness, good health, and wellbeing. This time the Rosary was for his niece, who was very dear to him. He was very much disappointed because the crystal beads he used to buy were out of stock; he had to contend himself with a second-best rosary. This gentleman also confessed that led by his devotion to Mother Mary, he was brought near to Jesus, having been deeply impressed seeing a picture of the Saviour on the cross shedding his blood to wash away the sins of humankind. We, who have a great devotion to Our Lady of Bandel, are filled with joy when we hear of so many beautiful examples of the love and favors she grants to devotees of all faiths,  and especially of her concern for the happiness and well being of their families.