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A Gift of Love

It is a common belief among pilgrims to Bandel Basilica that Mary gives the gift of a child

The Rosary in Families

A Hindu Brahmin, a friend of Our Lady of  Bandel, recently came to the Shrine to pray, with

Answered Prayers

In the year 1971, probably on March 25th, a family composed of the parents, son and daughter, came

Rescue at Sea

On June 1, 1995, a  group of three people set out to Gorai Beach, Mumbai. At 11:30 am, 

Prayer to Our Lady of Bandel

Prayer to Our Lady of Bandel

O Immaculate Virgin Mother of God, You have designed to set up your throne of Queen and Mother in this ancient Church of Bandel to lavish on your devoted children the treasures of heavenly mercies.