Don Bosco School and Seminary


In the beginning it was an apostolic school for aspirants. It started in the year 1951. The boys who numbered few then, remained till class VII. After the completion of Class VII, they were sent to Siliguri to join Our Lady’s Higher Secondary School.Towards the close of 1962, the Chinese invaded north-east India, and that event had important repercussions on Bandel. The Chinese invasion made Siliguri, the hot bed of military activities. The Indian army took over the existing structure. Later they gifted another plot and on it stands the present Don Bosco complex. This taking over forced the students to come to Bandel. ‘Our Lady’s Higher Secondary School was shifted to Bandel. From now on the boys would remain in Bandel till they completed their High school studies. In 1967, a beautiful new wing was added. Till 1978, only the seminarians studied in the school. In 1978, the doors of the school opened to the day scholars in the present new building. It started with 48 boys in class V. Today the school has more that thousand students. In April 1999, the Primary Section of Don Bosco School was opened. The school has been affiliated to the ICSE and ISC boards from. The old name of ‘Our Lady’s Higher Secondary School’ was changed into Don Bosco School’. 

Today the school caters to the needs of the neighbourhood and the seminarians. A good number of boys from the Basilica parish have benefited from the school and some of them are well established in different walks of life. The school has spread its activities through various groups and movements. Every year the Science Club brings together local schools for the annual Science Fiesta. The Scouts and YCS groups are very active. The ‘Friends’ movement is growing. Through the values that the school imparts, the neighbourhood is transformed for the better. The economic viability of the area has increased due to the inflow of outsiders. The school offers its facilities to the Basilica parish to conduct Sunday classes and special coaching for students in the evenings. A Don Bosco school is more that a building with a name. There flows between the staff and the students the spirit of Don Bosco. This is visibly symbolised, by the statue of Don Bosco, gifted by the late Bishop of Krishnanagar and installed of 5th December 1983, and which stands in front of the school, looking at us and pointing our gaze upward to noble aspirations.