Devotional Prayers

Dearest Mother, in this Basilica dedicated to you, before your altar, I pray

that I may save my soul and see you at the end of life glorious in heaven. Grant me the graces that I mostly need, both spiritual and temporal. Bestow good health, security, peace to my relatives and friends.

Father of youth, I recommed to you the young that I know, and all youth in the world. Guide them on the right paths; give them courage to proclaim you and profess their faith.

Lord, your body lay in a tomb for three days, to show that you died and were buried and rose again for our sake. Jesus, make mv heart humble and meek like

yours. Bless me, save me, be my friend. May the hope of heaven remove from me fear of death.

Your presence among us shows that you are like one of us, following the same paths of youth and maturity. Open our minds and hearts to proclaim our faith and serve God through our lives.

Jesus, Mary, your eyes met on the way to Calvary; again a message full of love was heard from the Cross: “Mother here is your son.” We are sharing with you the greatest moment of mankind: the Crucifixion of the Saviour, with deep faith

we pray for our Salvation.

My Lord, as I look at the place of my Baptism I renew my promise to profess and

keep my faith at the cost of my life; to be a good Christian; to love you, my Lord and Saviour above all things. Renew my soul with your graces; be the divine and loving guest of my heart, Amen.

Before the ship-mast donated to You, dear Mother, recalling your saving from

shipwreck a ship on the high-seas, we pray for your help on our earthly pilgrimage; here we remember all those who have loved you with devotion through the centuries. Bless the friends who have died trusting in you.

Mary Immaculate, we bring so many requests before you. Our life is beset by

dangers, sickness, disappointments, problems of all kind. Be our Mother and grant the graces we pray. In your grotto, may Jesus the Saviour, from the altar of the Cross bend on us and save us through your intercession.

Our Lady of Fatima, you were looking sad when you appeared to the three children; you asked them to pray and do penance for peace and keep off war and suffering from sinful humanity. Mother, our souls are in your hands; take us with you in heaven when God’s call comes; grant peace to the world.

Our Lady of Bandel, you are at the gate of your Shrine to receive your children from all parts of India and of the world. All peoples and nations invoke your blessings and motherly protection. The sufferings of humanity are great; grant to all peace, fraternity, solidarity; remove poverty and disease; help mankind to live in justice and charity.

My Jesus, you opened to me your heart, humble and merciful. The lance that pierced our breast assures me that you are my Saviour and my Lord. Keep me, my relatives and friends always in your heart.

Blessed St. Joseph, patron of the Church and of workers, you teach the way to

humility. Be mindful of us and intercede for us with your child Jesus; He listens to you, his amiable foster-father, O chaste spouse of Mary, great were you burdens; help us to carry ours. You suffered anxieties  and anguish of heart fulfilling your mission in the family of Nazareth; bless us in trials and in the fulfilment of duty.

I seek your intercession and help with great love and confidence, because your

holiness has made you powerful before God. Countless are the miracles and

favours obtained through your intercession. You hold the Child Jesus and

the Lily in your hands; help me to love Jesus and to be chaste. Save me from

dangers of soul and body.

Dear Saint of the little way, we are grateful for the simple spirituality you have

taught us. Pray that we may ardently love Jesus, like you; that we may know how to offer sacrifices to the Lord and life itself, as you did.

Dear Mother, you are here waiting for your friends who cannot ascend the steps to your high place on the Balcony; they are the old, the sick, the handicapped. Bless our suffering brethren, give them health, strength and courage. In front of you is placed a relic of your head veil. We thank you for this gift which makes your presence all the more felt at Bandel.

Mary, we know that through you we can go to Jesus, the Saviour. Our beloved dead had put their trust in you to be saved. Take us by the hand until we reach the eternal home; help the dying; the departed dear ones to reach heaven, our eternal home.

Mary, you have chosen to abide at Bandel and to stay with us. Your friends come to pray to you. Be a mother on their earthly pilgrimage, grant the petitions they earnestly ask from your merciful heart.

Jesus, King of hearts, king of heaven and earth, let the world be a place of justice, of peace and love. Let all live like brothers and sisters. Bring all peoples to the Cross of your passion and the throne of your love.

Dear Mother Mary, before the Cross which marks the spot where you came to the Shrine from the waters of the river Ganges we thank you for the great gift of yourself you grant to your devout children. Your love brought you to Bandel make here your home where we meet you. Keep us in your protection always.

Loving Mother of the Lord and of all believers we trust in your help in the earthly pilgrimage. Keep us steady in Faith and Love to your son Jesus until we reach the eternal house in heaven. You are our help and our hope.