A Message from the Prior

The Prior of Bandel welcomes you!

The countless thousands that have filed past Bandel Basilica,
often praying the Rosary with lighted candles,
will always cherish with nostalgia,
their historic visit to this ancient monument to Mother Mary.

Bengal’s oldest Church!
It’s every stone unfolding
a page of history!

Those ancient arches, the massive walls, the towering steeples,
The Mast of a Portuguese ship, the Captain’s votive offering, the memory of a Happy Voyage;
Those silent monastic corridors and the peaceful serenity of the grotto,
the chiming Church bells, that churn the hearts of the young and the old;
The Shrine with its colossal pillars still holding up the vault –
the eye witness of the faith and courage of bygone generations;
and at the centre of it all – THE LADY AT THE BALCONY!

To make the mystery and mystique of Our Lady of Bandel reach millions more, we present to you our official website, bandelbasilica.com, a token of our devotion to Our Lady of Happy Voyage and of our love and gratitude to all of you, her devotees!

May the mantle of Mother Mary be over this site and all who visit these pages! 

Rev. Fr. N J Johny SDB