Bandel Timeline

The keystone of the old church

The keystone of the old church bearing the date 1599 over the eastern gate of the Monastery was laid.

The Governor of Bengal confirms the grant of the land. 

Manucci the foreign traveller and historian visits Bandel

By Bixquert - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Bernier visits Bandel

Bernier visits Bandel. He resided in India for twelve years from 1657 to 1669. The greater part of his residence was spent at the court of Aurengzeb, whose camp he followed in 1665 from Delhi to Kashmir through the length of the Punjab. He was a physician by profession. 

Enlargement of the church

Cathedral Church of Calcutta

Some Portuguese accompany Job Charnock to Calcutta and established a church, which eventually became the cathedral church of Calcutta. This is the fourth oldest church in Bengal, the earlier ones were in Bandel, Chinsurah and Serampore. 

The Earliest Recorded Episcopal Visit

The Bishop of Mylapore visits Bandel Church

Pillaging of Monastery

Siraj•ud•dulla pillages the monastery and all the documents are destroyed. 


Controversy with the Portuguese government over ownership of land Memorandum by Prior.

Abolishment of magisterial power

The English Governor General of East India Company abolishes the Prior's magisterial power. 

Second Memorandum

The Prior sends the second memorandum. 

Change of administration

The priests from the diocese of Mylapore take over the administration of the church. 

St. John School

Bandel St. John’s School was established in 1870 by the then Prior of Bandel Church, Rev. AC. Rodriguez, and is owned and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Belfry Damage

The belfry of the church was damaged by earthquake. 

The statue of Our Lady

The statue of Our Lady of Happy Voyage is taken to the newly erected balcony. 

The Salesians of Bandel

The Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco take over the administration from the Bishop of Mylapore. 

Major repairs

Major repairs of the Church

New Altar and Chapel

New altar and chapel on the roof of the church attached to the balcony. 

Damage by Lightning

Damage to the church caused by lightning. 

Major repair

Major repair of part of the roof of the Sanctuary

Governor Visit

West bengal governor Mr. Pandey visit the shrine.

Governor Visit

West Bengal governor Mr. Nurul Hasan visits the shrine

The boundary wall construction begins. 

Forcefully stopped construction

L.F. Workers forcefully stopped the construction of the boundary wall. 

Renovation and Beautification

On November 25th the church is elevated to the status of Minor Basilica. the work of renovation and beautification is in progress. 

Mother Teresa Visit

 Mother Teresa visit Bandel for the celebration of 125 years of St John’s School. This was held in 1995 and organized a civic reception for Mother.

Governor Visit

25th October, West Bengal governor A.R. Kidwai visits the Basilica. Inauguration of the yearlong celebrations for the 4th centenary of the Basilica to be concluded on Nov. 14th, 1999.