1. Only genuine pilgrims are given rooms at Bandel Shrine. The rule is “First come, first served”. Advance reservations are not entertained.

2. Non-Pilgrims, single or two persons, in no case are granted the use of rooms unless they produce a letter from their Parish clearly specifying family status and the purpose of pilgrimage. Stay for any other reason is not allowed. During Triduum and Novenas or for very special reasons more than one night stay may be allowed. Pilgrims’ rooms are not suitable for Retreats.

The rooms are furnished with bed-stead and mattress, fan and electric light, drinking water tap, table. chairs, (no bedding). Registration and payment of a fee is done at the Souvenir Centre.

3. A letter from the Parish is required from families and groups who wish to use room-facility. It should state the devotional purpose of the visit.

4. Groups of teenagers and youngsters are not granted the use of rooms unless they are accompanied by any Father, Sister, Brother, responsible Teacher, or Catechist. A letter from the Parish should confirm the devotional purpose of the stay. The Basilica and the interior premises are open to all, daily, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm for all. Christians may attend services and meet the Prior at all times.

Bandel Basilica should not develop into a picnic spot, a lodging facility, or a holiday stop-over. Cooking, mikes, and noisy merry-making are not allowed. Prepared food may be consumed on the grounds, which are open from the morning bell to 7.00 pm.

Sunday Masses are celebrated as follows: 6.30 am English, 8.30 am Bengali, 11.00 am English, 5.00 pm Hindi, Santali Mass at 2.30 pm on the last Sunday of each month. For special occasions and needs, Mass will be celebrated by the previous arrangement. Solemnities have special timings for Masses. The Balcony and the Souvenir center are closed on Christmas Day and on January 1st. All Pilgrims and visitors are kindly recommended to maintain dignified behavior and avoid noisy disturbances in the Shrine premises. The Basilica and the Balcony are only for prayer, not a meeting or resting place.